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Emergency Management Training

Courses/workshops offered by SES | Courses/workshops offered by AEMI

The Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) recognises the four areas of emergency management activity, namely prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR). For each hazard type, TEMP assigns responsibility to an agency as management authority for all or part of the PPRR spectrum. TEMP also reflects the Emergency Management Act 2006 provisions for State, Regional and Municipal Emergency Management Committees. Inherent in fulfillment of those various roles and responsibilities is the need to develop relevant capability, one of the key inputs to which is training.

Currently emergency management training is provided by the State Emergency Service and the Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) Link to External Site. Training may be offered as Professional Development or nationally accredited as part of the Public Safety Training Package.

Courses/workshops offered by SES Tasmania

Introduction to Emergency Management (IEM) and,

Introduction to Emergency Management for Local Government (IEM-LG)

The aim of this half day workshop is to introduce participants to the Australian emergency management concepts and the emergency management arrangements that apply in Tasmania. It provides underpinning knowledge and is useful for further emergency management training.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Outline the recognised emergency management concepts, 
  • Outline the emergency management arrangements that apply in Tasmania,
  • Describe the participant’s agency’s role within the emergency management context, and
  • Describe the relationships between agencies involved in emergency management.

Introduction to Emergency Risk Management (IERM)

This is a 5 hour workshop to introduce the participants to emergency risk management process and includes an exercise in identifying, analysing and evaluation risks.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Explain the stages of the emergency risk management (ERM) process.
  • Identify and discuss a range of issues relating to the application of ERM within a community.

Nominations and applications to attend courses at SES

People interested in attending IEM, IEM-LG or IERM workshops need to complete a nomination form and send it to :

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Courses/workshops offered by the AEMI

The Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) provides a range of education services to the emergency management sector. You have the option to take the courses for general knowledge or for qualifications under their Advanced Diploma in Emergency Management.

AEMI is located at Mt Macedon in Victoria, Australia, and all residential education and training takes place here.
Activities conducted by AEMI include:

  • residential programs held at Mt Macedon, which have a duration of two to four days 
  • external programs delivered throughout Australia. These programs are offered in each State and Territory two times a year 
  • workshops and courses, which are based on the national research and innovation agenda.

AEMI staff can provide training, facilitation and problem-solving exercises and activities on a fee-for-service basis, within the limits of available resources.
Information about AEMI courses can be found on the AEM website: Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) Link to External Site

Nominations and applications to attend courses at AEMI

People interested in attending programs at AEMI at Mt Macedon or extension courses held in Tasmania need to complete a nomination form  and send it to

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