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Storm Information

Tasmania lies in the pathway of the ‘Roaring Forties wind that encircles the globe. The Tasmanian climate is influenced by the interaction between westerly winds and the mountain ranges near the west coast and the central plateau. The cycle of westerly winds is a key driver of the seasonal rainfall. The persistent westerly systems mean that Tasmania is regularly subjected to storms and severe weather. Weather systems known as ‘east coast lows’ often bring intense rainfall and strong winds.

Storms affect all parts of Tasmania but different areas experience varying storm scenarios. For example:

  • The north-east of the State is exposed to east coast lows, westerly frontal systems and sometimes fronts that move up from the south.
  • The south-east is reasonably protected from the prevailing westerlies due to the mountain ranges in the west but may be influenced by intense low pressure systems that move south of the State.
  • The west and north-west coasts are particularly exposed to the prevailing storm weather.

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