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Why was the Emergency+ app developed?

The Emergency+ app was developed to address two identified issues:

  1. More than 65% of Triple Zero (000) calls originate from mobile phones, meaning more callers needing emergency assistance are unable to accurately identify their location so Police, Fire and Ambulance crews can respond, and
  2. To encourage people in Australia to call the right number for help in emergencies and non-emergencies, and to understand what is required of them when they make that call.

Who developed the app?

Emergency+ was developed by the national Triple Zero Awareness Work Group, with members from Commonwealth, State and Territory Emergency Services, Government agencies and their industry partners.

Does Emergency+ work anywhere in Australia?

Yes. Emergency+ is a national app designed to work in all States and Territories, within the limitation of the caller’s smartphone (coverage and data).

How do I download Emergency+?

Emergency+ is available in iOS/Apple, Android and Windows phone versions for free download through the following Australian app stores. Access the direct links to the appropriate app market place from: Link to External Site

Or by searching for “Emergency+” on your smartphone’s app store or using a qr scanner to scan this code:

Emergency Plus QR Code

Or via these direct links:

Google Play:       Link to External Site

iTunes:              Link to External Site

Windows Store: Link to External Site


Can I download the app if I’m not in Australia?

Emergency+ is available only through Australian app stores. If you use Emergency+ in other regions the app will provide your GPS details and prompt you to call the international emergency number 112.  It should be noted that while the app has been tested and operates under Australian conditions, it has not been tested for international use.

Does the app contain other information that can help me?

Details of other national numbers – including Crime Stoppers, Health Direct and National Relay Service – are available on Emergency+’s Information page.

Why does the app offer numbers other than Triple Zero (000)?

Research shows that callers to Triple Zero (000) often call the Emergency Call Service because it was the number they knew, with low community recognition of the Police Assistance Line (13 1444) and the SES (132500) national numbers. Emergency+ provides users with these contact numbers and a short explanation of when to call the non-emergency numbers, helping them choose the right number to call when they need help. This reduces the number of non-emergency calls to Triple Zero (000), which can delay the answering of genuine emergency calls.

What if my mobile phone doesn’t have coverage?

If your smartphone does not have coverage with your own carrier’s network, you may still be able to call Triple Zero (000) if your phone is advising ‘SOS Only’ or ‘Emergency Calls Only’. This is because the Emergency Call Service is designed so Triple Zero (000) calls are given priority and can jump between carriers’ networks.

Is the app’s mapping accurate?

The app does not have its own mapping, but displays the default mapping service provided by a user’s smartphone. The mapping displayed is therefore as accurate as the smartphone and networks can provide to the caller. In urban areas this may be accurate to within a few metres, while in more remote areas this may be greater.

What GPS co-ordinates does Emergency+ use to display my location?

The displayed map coordinates allow the caller to tell the emergency call-taker their phone’s geo-location.  The app is designed to present your smartphone’s GPS co-ordinates in the format used by Emergency Services call-takers, reducing call-handling and dispatch times. The decimal degrees used by the Emergency+ app look like:

LAT:      - 00.00000°

LONG:  000.00000°

Note that when relaying your GPS co-ordinates to the emergency call-taker, there are no spaces between the characters in this format.

Can the app be installed on a tablet, like an iPad?

It can, but it cannot make emergency calls if the device doesn’t have a phone function. The app is designed for use with smartphones, not tablets.

Are there other features that may help users?

When activated, the built in accessibility features of a smartphone will describe ‘verbally/spoken word’ that appears on-screen, so a caller can use Emergency+ without seeing it. Vision Australia reviewed the app to ensure that it met accessibility requirements.

Where can I find more information on the Emergency+ app?

Further information is available on the Triple Zero (000) website at Link to External Site or inquire by e-mail to .